Story Line

Welcome to the Land of Aster.

You and another recruit have been selected to join the ranks
of Team Rocket and take orders directly from Giovanni himself.

Help Team Rocket grow in power by performing various missions
for him and destroying anyone that gets in the way.

It's time to show the world what you and Team Rocket are made of.
Intro Video
Town Map

Aster is a land that holds volcanoes, jungles, caves, rivers
and much more. With over 10 towns and twice as many routes,
there will be plenty for you to see and do on your adventure.

Mouseover any location to find out more about it!
Challenge Mode

The brand new Challenge Mode will make Pokemon tougher than ever.

Fans of Nuzlocke rejoice, the Challenge Mode of Pokemon TRE2

features one life, and one life only. Not only for the pokemon,

but also for the player. And don't try to cheat, Pokemon TRE2

autosaves any changes to your pokemon party.
Game Over

When you run out of pokemon, you run out of play time. Seeing

this screens means you have failed in your quest to beat the Hard

Mode. It will also show your stat totals that you've accumulated

throughout your game save. See the "Score" tally on the bottom?

Go to the next slide to read more about it.
Record Keeping
Why keep playing Hard Mode if you fail every time? Because

you can still try to beat your (and the all time) high score!

Your score is based upon EVERY notable achievement you've accomplished

during the game. Whether this be catching a pokemon, defeating a

trainer, evolving a pokemon, or taking over a city, it will affect your

score! And don't worry about it being erased when you start a new game

Pokemon TRE2 always tracks your high score and your fastest time!

Ever go back to a game and forgot what you were doing?

Pokemon TRE2 has a Missions box which will tell you

exactly what you should be working on so you will

never get lost!

Day & Night

Pokemon TRE2 will have a Day/Night System. A full day is two hours

long, with an hour of sunlight and an hour of moonlight. Some

Pokemon and event will only be accessible during certain hours,

and the sun and moon affect select Pokemon in mysterious ways!

Mouseover to see the comparison!
Battle Sequence Videos
Stealing Pokemon

Members of Team Rocket don't play by the rules.

You can now steal the pokemon of unsuspecting trainers!

Some are too experienced to be caught off guard, and you

won't be able to do it more than once in battle!

Use it wisely.
Horde Battles

Beware when walking through high grass!

No only will you come across some Pokemon,

but you may even encounter a family of

Pokemon! This group will vary in size, but

they will be hard to escape!
New Types
Pokemon TRE Features 25 types, with over half of them being

completely new to the game!

Click on a type for more info!

Or, click here for the interactive Type Chart!

2x Against 0.5x Against: 0x Against
0.5x From 2x From 0x From

New Tilesets

There are 20 brand new tilesets in Pokemon TRE2, featuring

tiles from next-gen Pokemon games, amateur spriters, and

completely different games altogether.

Check out the slideshow to see some!
Battle Screen

Pokemon Sprites

Status Indicators

Navigation Menu


HP Bars

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Pokedex Menu

Pokemon Sprites

Graphical Background

Navigation Menu

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Pokedex Screen

Pokemon Sprites

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Stats Screen

Pokemon Sprites

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Detailed Attack Info

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Item Menu

Sorted by Type

Graphical Background

Item Description

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Party Menu

Pokemon Sprites

Graphical Status

HP Bars

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New Items & HMs

More info coming soon!

0 5 0 / 1 0 0

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High Scores

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